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A Simple Ayurvedic Morning Routine

A Simple Ayurvedic Morning Routine

I am SO enticed by mornings and morning people. On the rare occasion that I’m able to get myself up early and have a super productive morning I feel on top of the world. And the thought of being able to achieve that everyday is #goals. Unfortunately, somewhere between my wishful thinking and my 5:00 am alarm, my willpower to actually get out of bed is lost.

After continuously getting frustrated with myself having one successful wake-up followed by a week of hitting the snooze button, I began realizing maybe I can’t just dive into being a morning person all at once.

So I set out to find some simple practices to incorporate into my morning routine. Ones that would make me feel healthy and awake in the morning, motivate me to gradually wake up earlier, and wouldn’t require so much time that they’d command a significantly earlier wake-up call than what I’m currently comfortable with.

Throughout my searching, I found myself especially drawn towards ayurvedic practices.  Ayurveda (ah-yur-vay-dah) is an ancient Indian style of healing that believes in the importance of the mind-body connection, and places a strong focus on self care - all things i really dig.

Subsequently, Ayurveda understands the importance of a morning routine. Morning routines bring consistency to our biological clocks, aid in digestion, and promote peace and wellbeing - so it’s no wonder that Ayurveda views the morning routine as a sacred practice.

Now, if you tried diving into a truly complete ayurvedic morning routine, you’d find yourself tongue scraping, oil pulling, clearing your sinuses with a neti pot, and busting out a Vinyasa flow all before breakfast. If you’re at that level, more power to ya! I am not. So I decided to pick and choose some things that felt like realistic additions to MY morning routine. I call it Ayurveda for the Average Female.

So, in the spirit of slow and steady progress, here are 4 simple but effective ayurvedic practices I’ve been incorporating into my morning routine to gradually become a morning person:

1.    Wake up earlier

Ayurveda teaches that it is best to wake up before the sun rises (typically between 4:30am and 6:00 am) which is said to bring peace of mind and refresh your senses. My daily alarms start as early as 5:30, but I typically don’t roll out of bed until around 6:30. So, I’ve been working on setting one “no excuses” alarm at 6:00 and sticking to it. Not quite my 5:00 goal, but it’s been putting me on the right track. I’m going to switch to 5:30 starting in December and hopefully be at 5:00 by January!


2.    Say a prayer before getting out of bed

This could be something you read, it could be something directly from your heart (i.e. thanking God for what you’re grateful for that day), or it could simply be taking a moment to breathe and acknowledge a Divine Presence in the Universe before you officially begin your day. The Ayurvedic Institute suggests the prayer below which I think is absolutely beautiful. Adding a prayer to my morning routine has really helped me to start my day on a positive note and reminds me that God is with me throughout my day.

Ayurvedic Prayer.png

3.    Splash your face with cold water

After washing your face regularly with warm water, give your skin a splash of cold water. This provides benefits such as toning the skin, closing the pores, soothing your eyes, and improving circulation. I thought I would very much dislike this during the colder months but I have found it to be really invigorating.


4.    Drink a glass of water

Before going straight for the coffee, try drinking a glass of room temperature water first. Aside from it being hydrating, this aids in cleansing the GI track, flushing the kidneys, and removing toxins from the blood. Getting enough water throughout the day is something I already prioritize, so this one was a no brainer for me.


And that’s it friends! Simple enough, right? If you’re like me and trying to become a morning person, I’ve found these ayurvedic practices to be especially helpful in putting me on the right track. They are easy, time efficient, and (most importantly in my opinion) don’t require the purchase of any special tools or gadgets.


My new morning routine has been helping me to start the day off on the right foot, and is really inspiring me to meet my 5:00am goals! January here I come.


Do you have any morning rituals that inspire you to jump out of bed every day? I would love for you to share them with me!


Until next time!


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