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Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Being on the road can really throw our usual routines a curve ball, especially when it comes to eating healthy and working out. And while we all deserve a well-earned vacation, feeling sluggish and 10 lbs heavier by the end of it is never ideal. In addition to planned getaways, I also work in a marketing role that requires me to travel on occasion, so I’ve had some practice with the dos and don’ts of wellness on the road. Here are my 5 golden rules for staying healthy while traveling:


1. Pack Snacks: Snacks are a must! Oftentimes when you’re traveling you don’t necessarily know when your next meal will be. Whether you’re tied up working a conference, attending meetings, or just too busy sight-seeing or lounging by the pool, you’re going to want to be prepared for when your body hits you with that “I need to eat NOW” feeling. Without a snack to hold you over, it’s very likely you're going to end up eating something you regret when you finally do find food.

Another pro tip: buy your snacks before you leave. Relying on airports, rest stops and gas stations to find healthy snacks can be risky business. Making a pre-trip grocery run ensures you're stocked up on the good stuff. Some of my favorite travel-friendly snacks include RX bars, GoMacro bars, EPIC chicken jerky bars, apples, bananas, and raw almonds.


2. Workout in the morning: It’s easy to convince yourself before your day starts that you’ll have plenty of time and energy to workout later, but from my experience that’s hardly the case. Doing out of the norm activities in an unfamiliar place all day long can be really exhausting to your body. So do yourself a favor and exercise when you first wake up. The endorphins are a great way to start your day, and you’ll feel accomplished and ready to take on whatever lies ahead of you.


3. Order wisely: I’m going to preface this one by saying that life is about balance and you should absolutely enjoy delicious food while traveling! Do you think I was going to go to New Orleans and not stop at Cafe Du Monde for beignets? Heck no. But when I am looking for a healthy meal, I look for minimally processed and simple foods at restaurants. My go-to’s include:

Breakfast: Eggs, fresh fruit, avocado toast, and oatmeal

Lunch/Dinner: Clean salads (free of candied nuts, dried fruits and creamy dressings) grilled chicken and seafood, grilled or raw veggies, and sushi

Try and have some type of protein with every meal, it will help to keep you full and energized longer.


4. Drink plenty of water: Traveling is seriously dehydrating. Recycled air, increased activity, and change in climate can lead to headaches, bloating, and dry, unhappy skin - so keep your water bottle with you and remember to stay hydrated!   


5. Self-care is always a good idea: Lastly, make an effort turn in early once or twice during your trip to relax and unwind. Using a face mask (Pacifica’s Stress Rehab mask is wonderful for tired, stressed skin), taking a bath, meditating, or settling in with a good book are all great ways to ground, reset, and refresh yourself. Be kind to your body. 


So get out there jet setter! Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, treat yoself, and also incorporate these tips to ensure your normal kick-butt routine doesn’t fall off course.


Until next time!


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