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The Benefits of Indoor Plants + Free Phone Wallpapers!

The Benefits of Indoor Plants + Free Phone Wallpapers!

Hello friends! This post is super exciting for a couple of reasons: Not only am I going to blow your mind with all of the great benefits of houseplants, but I’m also stoked to tell you that the very talented Katherine Chemsak and I have teamed up to bring you some amazing plant-themed phone wallpapers for you to download! (Did somebody say girl power?)

So read on, readers. And I hope that you enjoy this special blog collaboration:


The benefits of indoor plants

[Disclaimer: Unfortunately if you’re looking for tips on how to keep plants alive, I can’t provide that just yet as I’m still trying to master the art myself. But stay tuned for when I have it all figured out.]

If you thought houseplants were only good for making your interior Insta-worthy, think again. Filling your living and working space with plants packs some major benefits, so if you’re looking for an excuse to buy yet another succulent, look no further. Here are some of the top benefits of having plants in your home or office:


They help you breathe better: Houseplants prove that there is truth to the phrase “opposites attract”. Humans inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide, while our green friends do the reverse. Elevated oxygen levels from plant photosynthesis = happy humans, so when it comes to better breathing, houseplants are your perfect remedy.

Sleep well: Plants need their rest too, meaning photosynthesis stops in most plants overnight - except for a select few! Orchids, succulents, snake plants and bromeliads are “nocturnal” and produce oxygen at night, making them optimum bedside plants for a good night’s rest.


They reduce stress: You know that relaxing feeling you get being out in nature? Houseplants help to bring that feeling into your daily routine, since just the sight of greenery naturally signals your body to relax. In addition, plants increase humidity and decrease air pollutants, all while filling your space with pleasant, therapeutic scents. The pleasing aesthetics combined with with fresh, clean air are sure to create your perfect zen.


They improve your work: Looking for a reason to bring plants into the office? Studies show that plants improve your focus, memory and productivity. They increase your attention span, help you tap into your creativity, and employees are proven to be happier when working in green office buildings - making houseplants the perfect surroundings for when you need to get down to business.


They prevent illness: Tired of taking sick days? There’s a house plant for that. Due to their disease-fighting characteristics such as eliminating toxins, absorbing mold spores and purifying the air, the best plants for preventing sickness (according to scientists at NASA) are the Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, Peace Lilies, and Spider Plants.

A note to all pet parents: some plants can actually cause your fur babies to get sick if they are ingested. For example, while Aloe Vera helps to keep you healthy, you definitely don’t want your dog or cat having it for a snack. You can check your houseplants for pet safety here.


So go hit up your nearest garden section and start filling your home/office with more greenery to reap all of the benefits that plants have to offer! And thanks to Katie, you can take your green on the go with some awesome phone wallpapers! You can read more about Katie and find links to her website and Instagram below.  


About Katie:


Hello everyone, my name is Katie and it's nice to meet you! Where I call my permanent home is Pittsburgh, PA but where I currently live is in Florida. Don't get too jealous though, this is just a long vacation before I move back to Pittsburgh. I am a full-time Graphic Designer and a driven creative artist. A standard I live by in my work and personal life is being bold and having personality in everything you do. I am a very sociable person who loves meeting new people and sharing laughs. In my free time, you can catch me trying a new recipe or watching Netflix cuddled up with my little chihuahua Penelope. Check out my Instagram or website if you ever need any personalized graphic materials or freelance artwork.

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