You gotta nourish to flourish.

8 Reflections From My First Wanderlust 108

8 Reflections From My First Wanderlust 108

This past weekend I had the incredible opportunity to catch some serious zen at my first Wanderlust 108! Wanderlust’s 108 events are one-day mindful triathlons, consisting of running (walking for me), yoga, and meditation.

Still riding out my yoga high almost a week later, I wanted to share the key takeaways that I took with me from my experience at Wanderlust 108, that taught me some simple yet powerful truths about life.

1. Health begins at any age

There was no such thing as too young or too old at Wanderlust. From babies being pushed in strollers (by badass mothers who RAN the 5K WITH the strollers, by the way) to retirees flowing it out on their mats, people of all ages and all experience levels showed up to celebrate health and wellness.

2. Community is everything

We hugged each other, we leaned on each other, we felt each other’s heartbeats and held each other’s hands - and we learned that we are truly all connected.

3. Don’t take things too seriously

I busted a move on my yoga mat in the middle of Vinyasa thanks to our instructor, Faith Hunter. Sometimes there will be a break in your flow or your routine. It’s all good.

4. Life is meant to be lived with intention

From the very start of the event, we set an intention for our day. We were reminded of our intention during yoga, and brought it to life during meditation. It taught me how important it is to continuously check in with yourself and your intentions.

5. Beauty comes from within

Wanderlust 108 was filled with words of affirmation, organic food, natural supplements, and high-quality oils. You gotta nourish to flourish, they know what it is.

6. Connection is crucial

I felt connected to many things throughout the day: the ground on my cheek, the sun on my face, my breath, my thoughts, the warmth of my neighbor’s hand. Take the opportunity to feel those connections more often.

7. Be kind to your mind

Creating time in our day to meditate, be mindful, and offer our minds positive, encouraging words is so important to our health. We should prioritize it.

8. A festival is in my future

Lastly, Wanderlust 108 definitely confirmed that a full, four-day festival absolutely needs to be in my near future (now accepting travel buddies).



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